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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Shattered Pack by Aileen Erin

Shattered Pack 
(Alpha Girl)
Author: Aileen Erin
Published by: Ink Monster LLC
Publication Date: March 28th, 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Book Description:
Meredith Molloney never thought she’d find a mate, let alone someone like Donovan Murry—one of the most powerful Alphas alive. Now that she’s no longer cursed and the evil Luciana Alvarez has been taken care of, she thinks life will finally settle down. Boy, has she never been so wrong.

In the middle of the night, Donovan gets a call telling him that his pack has gone to pieces. The news that his second in command has been found brutally murdered has Donovan packing his bags for Ireland, but the last thing Meredith wants to do is leave Texas. She’s heard about how the Celtic Pack are with outsiders. And Donovan has more than a few exes in the pack that will be less than friendly.

Meredith’s never let a few angry wolves stop her, and she’s not about to start now. She’s faced down much worse the past few months. But when she gets there, she finds that it’s not just a few exes who stand in the way between her and her Full Moon Ceremony with Donovan

Meredith is thrust in to a deadly game of pack politics, one the fey have happily joined in on. When the dust settles, she knows she’ll either have everything that she wants or lose it all.

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A few months ago, I was still cursed. No guy in his right mind would agree to go on a date with me, let alone be my mate. Even if female Weres were rare. I was so thankful to Tessa for breaking the curse. I owed her my life. Because of her I had control over my change, and I could actually think about having a full life as a Were. And I couldn’t—

Suddenly I was airborne.

I tucked, quickly rolling as I slammed into the wall with a crunch that would’ve hurt a lot more if I were anything but werewolf.

The TV flashed brighter in the darkened room and I could just make out a blond form standing above me. I took a whiff. “What the hell, Max! Another fight? We’re too old for these games.” At least I was too old for them.

Max started at me again, and I rolled, grabbing his feet as I went. He fell to the ground and then it was on. We wrestled until sweat poured down my face, blurring my vision. My muscles ached, and I wondered when one of us would finally cry uncle and end this.

As the thought crossed my mind, I knew it couldn’t be me. I wouldn’t give in. Not again. Not when I’d been fighting for them to leave me alone all week.

You’re just playing with him, Donovan said through the bond.

Playing? My brother’s foot dug into the small of my back as I tried to wiggle out of the current hold. The oldest of my siblings had way more than a handful of inches on me and a ton of muscle. He’d passed his Cazadores test a few decades or more ago, and had only gotten better—stronger, leaner, faster—over the years. There was exactly zero competition. Max knew it. I knew it. But somehow my mate was oblivious?

You’re not using what’s available. Donovan sounded bored.

Perfect. Now I was getting critiqued by my mate. Only he couldn’t see how badly my ass was getting handed to me. Max is the best fighter in the pack. I can’t win against him. I growled as Max wrenched an arm behind my back to the point where I was sure he was going to tear something. Not that it wouldn’t heal as soon as he let me go, but the pain…

I bucked, trying to get him to loosen the hold, but it wasn’t working. At all.

Being old has some advantages. I can pass you a bit of power. Not much until we have our ceremony, but it should be enough to turn the tide for you. You just have to take it. Donovan opened up the bond, and I finally realized what he was saying. The bond might be puny, but it was just strong enough for me to use it against my brother.

Game changer.

I took all the alpha power the bond could hold—which wasn’t much more than a trickle—and used it. As the power burned through my skin, I knew Donovan was right. Even though our bond was still thin, he could pass me more than I needed to stop this stupid game.

Max let out a hiss as I used the alpha power to fuel my strength. I bucked hard, freeing myself from his hold, and flipped him over. I threw my forearm over his throat. “Submit.”

He struggled for a second. Max was more alpha than me. Not by a ton, but it’d been enough for a long time. Which meant he wouldn’t give up until he was really sure he’d lost. His wolf wouldn’t let him back down until it was satisfied this was a clear loss.

I pushed harder, and a gurgle slipped from Max’s throat. I was choking him, cutting off his airway. “Come on. Don’t be an idiot. Submit.” The last word was an order, backed with Donovan’s powers.

He started to say something, but I couldn’t make it out.

I let my arm up just enough.

“Fine,” Max’s voice rasped. “But I want the remote.”

About the Author
Aileen Erin is half-Irish, half-Mexican, and 100% nerd–from Star Wars (prequels don’t count) to Star Trek (TNG FTW), she reads Quenya and some Sindarin, and has a severe fascination with the supernatural. Aileen has a BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She lives with her husband in Los Angeles, and spends her days doing her favorite things: reading books, creating worlds, and kicking ass.

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