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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - A Light Beyond The Darkness by Mikel Wilson and Sherry Gist

A Light Beyond The Darkness
Authors: Mikel Wilson and Sherry Gist
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: August 16th, 2016

Book Description:
In a land not far from your imagination is a clan of Hybrids. This clan will show you great wonders, love beyond time and great adventure. To read about this clan will make you believe in the unknown and open your mind to wonders of your imagination.

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Days have passed since the burial of the proud amazon, Maggie. She was buried in the amazon way, dressed in a beautiful arraignment with her sword in her hands.
      "Hybrid!" Sherry calls, " Come look."
    Mikel walks towards her, his wounds are healing, but he is still sore. As he walks into the room,  he starts to smile. Maggie is playing with her dragon. The child or savior is growing at an accelerated rate. In normal times, she is only 2 months, but now she is the size and has the brain function of a 3 year old.
    "Dragon." She says as the dragon flies high over her then around and lands beside her. She rubs his back and he lets out a cute growl. He is getting bigger,  but the control over the dragon is what is a little scary; with the wave of her hand, he follows and he stands guard over her.
    'Is this the power of the savior or the chosen one?' Sherry thinks to herself.
    Hybrid is now sitting down on the bed in which he and twilight share," Come here young one." He calls to her and happily she comes.
   ' How did we get to be so lucky?'  He thinks to himself. They sit upon the bed and reminisce on the past they share and dream of the future that is ahead.
Chapter 2

The sun rises over the cave and a wonderful breeze of autumn has set  in, the rain beats upon the entrace of the cave, and the day is still.
    Watching the rain from inside his arms,  brings her peace if only, but a short while.
     Maggie runs into the room with excitement," Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!!!"
   "Yes Maggie. What is it?" Sherry asks.
   " Look, Mom! Look!"
     As Sherry looks, the dragon starts glowing. There is a bright orange light radiating around him and he is growling.
    Sherry and Mikel quickly pick Maggie up and step away from the dragon slowly. The dragon is now in a ball and a bright light flashes throughout the cave. As the light fades, the dragon has grown! He is now the size of a large dog. His scales once red are now golden and with a small growl, he flies to his mistress, Maggie.
    "Happy dragon!" Maggie says, which she has called him since she could talk.
    The dragon, hearing her voice, smiles and rubs up against her.
    Hybrid looks out of the cave after hearing a sound and he screams for Sherry.  Sherry walks out of the cave to see her entire tribe standing with spears drawn.
     The Queen of the Amazons steps foward, she is tall and strong, her eyes are fierce and her words are powerful. There is a scar upon her shoulder and from a battle, but beauty is in her face.
    "Why are you here Danielle?" Sherry asks.
    "Is it true?" The Amazon Queen asks her with her spear drawn.
    "Is what true?"  Sherry asks as she pretends that she doesnt quite know what the Queen is talking about.
    Danielle,  now voiced raised, " How dare you lie to your Queen!"
    Hybrid now steps before his beloved, fangs drawn out in defense and sensing the battle that is about to happen,  Maggie emerges from the cave at first as the little beautiful girl they know, but then transforms into her true form. She grows into a golden, glowing  hybrid. Her hair glows with power and her dragon flies to her side. Seeing this and astonished the Amazons hold there sprears in both hands and get on their knees to bow before the chosen one.

About the Authors
Two people from different backgrounds meet and became instant friends. They realized that they were like minded. Others never understood the mind trappings of these two individuals. One day, playing around, they came up with the Hybrid Clan. Henceforth, a stronger friendship and a new book. Hope you all enjoy this book as much as they enjoyed creating it.
Here's a funny fact for you reader's out there, Mikel and Sherry meet about 7 years ago and they have been friends every since. They are both very unique individuals and everyone that meets them can plainly see that they have made a lifelong friendship. Mikel, or Kel as a few people like to call him, is a young man from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He now makes his home in Sweet Water, Alabama.  Sherry is a lady from a small town known as Meeker, Oklahoma. She calls Crossville, Alabama home now. They are both family oriented. They have lots in common and yet they are different. These two will dazzle and boggle the mind. Together they hope to bring your imagination alive in a whole new way.

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  1. The book description and excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm interested in this book because it's a whole new world.

  3. I'd like to know more about the clan.

  4. The title drew me in and the blurb alone was enought to make me want to read the story before I'd even read the excerpt.