Tuesday 11 October 2016

Blog Tour Guest Post - Born to Resist by Ember Raine Winters

Born to Resist
Author: Ember-Raine Winters
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 191
Genre: YA Dystopian

Book Description:
“I never thought one moment could change my life forever. In an instant life as I knew it was over. My new life was the stuff of legends. I just hoped I was strong enough to survive it.”

A series of what were called The Immigration Wars changed the way of life for the former United States. It was thrown into chaos and a dictator came into power.

On the eve of Alexa's sixteenth birthday her world changes forever. Her father is arrested for treason and she finds out her mother is really alive. She and her best friend Jacob must travel across country to meet her so they can free her father from the tyrannical leader of the government. Everything is not as it seems in the resistance and secrets and lies will be revealed along the way.

They must rely on each other and their new friends to be successful. But, trust isn't easily given in the resistance and Alexa must find a way to save her father and keep her friends safe while on the run from both the government and the resistance.

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Slaying the Procrastination Monsters

I look to my left and I notice the little man dressed in red and sparkling. He freaking SPARKLES! I giggle a little to myself. He looks more like a fairy then what I know he is. He smiles an evil sinister smile when he realizes that I have once again seen him sitting there. He's goading me trying to talk me into making the wrong choice.

“Come on,” he says. “Just one more game of Candy Crush won't hurt you.”

Pfft! I think to myself. That's what he always says. The temptation to just continue sitting on the back patio with a soda in hand and playing one more game is almost too great.

I look to my right shoulder which is suspiciously empty and cringe. There will be no voice of reason today, I think to myself.

I know the idiot on my left hand shoulder did something to the little being who was supposed to be on my right. Some people call them an angel and the devil, I just call them annoying. They show up every morning trying to get me to make a choice. Do I lounge around and do nothing today? Or, do I get some much needed work done? Do I have time to procrastinate anymore than I already have? All it does is make me anxious and stressed out. So why do I do it? Am I lazy? Would I just rather be doing other things?

The answer to the first question is a definite maybe. I could be lazy. The answer to the second is: If that is the case I shouldn't be a writer in the first place. Because I love writing, but if I can find million and one things I would rather be doing then, maybe I should quit doing it. The truth is that there aren't a million other things I would rather be doing. I know I would rather write than do laundry or the dishes. If that ever changes then I will promptly quit writing because I hate doing the laundry and the dishes.

Everyone gets a visit from the little demon I see on my shoulder every morning, at least once in awhile. If they say they don't well then they are lying. Not just to you, but to themselves as well. Technology has made it easier and easier for people to procrastinate. How do you beat it? I wish I knew. Cause if I did I wouldn't have to flick captain sparkles off my shoulder every morning in order to get some work done. If you are able to flick that stupid fairy off your shoulder every morning, well, that's half the battle.

I am the type of person who will think things to death so even when I am procrastinating I am beating myself up for it. Does it stop me from doing it? Nope, not in the slightest.

The way I slay my procrastination demons and tell captain sparkles to take a hike is by setting alarms. Cell phones have this handy little alarm clock feature on them these days! I give myself an hour in the morning when I wake up to get on Facebook or play games and after that alarm goes off I flick captain sparkles across the room and decide in a matter of importance what needs to be done that day. Even the laundry and dishes end up on that list most days. Ugh!

But, once chores and work for the day are done, I have time to write and guess what? I don't feel like my whole world is going to swallow me whole at the end of the day because I accomplished something. Captain Sparkles leaves me alone until the next day. Then he tries all of his dirty rotten tricks again. I do give myself one day a week to relax because everyone needs a day off once in awhile. If I gave myself more than that good old sparkles would be too happy and impossible to be around. He would be so gleeful. I can't have that little idiot getting his way too often. I don't think I could handle him.

About the Author
Ember Raine Winters is a single mother of 2. Living in Bakersfield California. She has an Associate’s Degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the Local Junior College and she loves to read. Anything she can get her hands on, but mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. She self-published her first book in March and hopes to publish many more in the future.

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  1. Such a lovely cover. This could be a good fit for me too:)