Wednesday 21 September 2016

Book Blast & Giveaway - Sinners & Saints by Kristina Garlick

Sinners & Saints
Author: Kristina Garlick
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description:
My name is Zoey Major and I live in Fort Star, New Jersey. I am also a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. Seems very cut and dry but I have been hiding something- like really huge. My secret is game changing. I am not like the others... I know, what a surprise twist! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why I am different. If you really want to know, you have to figure it out. Hey, even in these dark times, a girl needs her secrets.

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Present Day, July 7, 1:22 pm

One of the first things I noticed when Saint and I were driving into the fort was that the PSC's flag was now waving from the fort's flag post. I know that the PSC flew their flag out of courtesy, to signify to any other groups passing by that this fort was presently occupied by their group. While the courtesy was appreciated I still did not like seeing the PSC flag flying high. It sincerely took all my control not to jump out of the truck, run to the flag pole and yank down their disgraceful flag. Oh, how I missed Old Glory waving in the majestic sky.

Saint: “The minute we get out of this vehicle, everything is going to be different.”

Zoey: “I know. Eyes are already on us.”

Saint: “Yeah, and I guarantee you it has nothing to do with the undead zombie head, in the back of our truck. I think we have their attention.”

Zoey: “You could be wrong. They could be interested in the tacky mask on Killian’s face or the fact we have a zombie, which is missing all his limbs.”

Saint: “I can’t tell if you are kidding.”

I pick up one of Saint’s water bottles and take a sip out of it as not to break my emotionless face. Years of playing poker had taught me not to give away anything. I think at this moment my poker face was aiding me quite well.

Saint: “Don’t you get it?”

Zoey: “What?”

About the Author
Kristina Garlick lives in Warren County, New Jersey. She holds a Masters in Parks & Resource Management from Slippery Rock University. While she loves the outdoors and has many hobbies such as soap making, writing has always been her passion. Kristina wrote her first full length fantasy story at ten and had her first book published when she was fourteen. She has a unique style of writing, which she calls Diary-Play format. Kristina is also available for book signings, panels, discussion groups and other special functions.

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