Tuesday 20 September 2016

Book Blast & Giveaway - The Fiduciary Delusion by John Molik

The Fiduciary Delusion
Author: John Molik
Genre: Thriller (conspiracy)

Book Description:
An unambitious young man finally finds himself, only to nearly lose everything in an apparent web of international economic terrorism and intrigue. But, as his world begins to unravel, has he become genuinely delusional? Or is he really on to one of the most dangerous global conspiracies of all time? Against all odds, only love and a true friend's faith can save both him and the world as we know it from the abusive power of evil.

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'Reynolds? Of MI6?' shouted Marshall Rand, the Inspector General of the US Treasury.

'Yes, agent Patel has confirmed this with that reception desk employee at the hotel

where the memory stick was dropped,' replied Arun Marwah, Director of the India Intelligence Bureau.

Marshall Rand squinted.  'And this employee?  He can swear that he can identify him as the man who actually dropped the flash drive?'

'That is correct, sir.'

Marshall squirmed and mumbled a few things then quickly, but politely, ended the phone call.

Standing up, he put his hands on his hips, walked over to the window and stared down at the mass in motion filled with cars, trucks, and taxis, all crawling along the avenue below the banks, hedge fund hyenas, fancy restaurants, and big office towers.  Above, he could hear the sound of a commercial airliner departing Washington's National airport to the Northeast.  A city humming, entirely greased by cash, credit, money, moolah all created out of thin air by a cartel running the world's private banking operations.  Those that bank on that sexy fiat drug, that fiduciary smack attack that greases the invisible hand, are depending on just one thing, its continual unending supply and endless promise.  Any rapid withdrawal of the punch bowl, and the party's over.  The hooked speculators, opportunists, horders, spenders, trickle downers, everyone in the system, look up to us, all strung out and begging for a chance for a seat, any seat, at the global banquet. But, what happens when it's over?  He began to sweat just thinking about how all civilizations must inevitably go through this when he suddenly noticed the deciduous trees along the park that stood there resolute, having had lost most of their leaves.  Quickly glimpsing the street lights changing from green to yellow to red, he lost himself in his thoughts.  It's a cycle, a historical cycle that not one civilization or empire has ever been able to avoid.  It starts with the warrior stage, heroism, honor.  Next comes the intellectual phase with its laws, order, justice, art, music, and entertainment.  Society, now cocooned, is able to flourish.  Then, comes the Merchant phase with its rapid wealth distribution, free trade, increases in standards of living, and the development of modern conveniences.  Oligarchs form to control resources, then begin warring.  Greed, selfishness, and avarice marks the end of the stage.  My job, my sole purpose, is to protect the Intellectual phase and to keep it running, but this noble pursuit has been exposed by history as being inevitably futile.  It's as if there is an inner knowing deep seated in the human mind that senses what comes next.  Chaos.  The final stage of outright theft, civil unrest, and collapse.  All that was built up, falls.  The thieves, these naked emperors, who connived, pillaged and lied to the population are hunted down and destroyed.  A power vacuum is formed and once again, the warriors assert themselves.  The cycle begins again.

Rand shook his head, then walked back to his desk and pulled up his secured Adobe Connect entering a password.  An entry popped up: London. Private. He clicked on it.

'Sir, I am so sorry to bother you,' started Rand, 'but something serious has come up.'

'Yes, well what is it then?' replied the man with disinterest.  He had a voice and accent much like John Major, the former British Prime Minister.

'I'm sure Eckhart has informed you on what the agency had uncovered in India.'


'Well, unfortunately, it goes deeper.” He hesitated. “Much deeper than we ever imagined.”

About the Author
John grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. Degree in Economics and has worked in numerous corporate finance and project management jobs in the consumer electronics and IT industries. In 1990, after taking an extended backpacking trip of the South Pacific before attending graduate school, he met his would be wife and in 1991 was married. They settled back in Irvine and South Orange County area of California. In 2003, he and his family (now with two kids in tow) relocated to Christchurch, New Zealand.

John's interest in writing began when he was a student at UC Davis, having worked as a Feature Writer for the California Aggie Newspaper. Possessing the desire to write again, and with a bucket list goal of eventually trying his hand at thriller novels, he took the plunge, and in 2014, began writing his first novel, The Fiduciary Delusion. John's interests also include: science, existential philosophy, health, and both western and eastern holistic medicine. John also plays guitar, piano, sings and writes music. In addition, John is an admitted “gym rat” and can be regularly found lifting weights, trudging up hills, sea kayaking, and getting out and about enjoying the beautiful wild outdoors.

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  1. congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. This story is out of one of my favorite genres. Sounds quite interesting.

  3. What is the best book that you have read recently? Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

    1. Hi Joseph,
      I recently read "Gideon" by Russell Andrews (Peter Gethers) and found that to be excellent. Hector MacDonald's "The Mind Game" was way up there as well.

  4. Thanks for hosting!

    This book is Book 1 in the Horsemen Trilogy. The next one is conspiracy - SciFi, transhumanism. Some of my favorite authors include: Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving, Lawrence Sanders, Clive Cussler, John Grisham, Linwood Barclay, Russell Andrews

  5. The book description and excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Love the cover too.

  6. I always love a good conspiracy!! Thank you for the share. :)

  7. Thank you for the excerpt & giveaway.

  8. There can be a fine line between conspiracy theory and delusion.

  9. Sounds great,thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your interest. Readers unite! I saw a good bumper sticker the other day. "Stop the Zombie Apocalypse. Read a book!" :)

    Anyway, some background (if interested)

    The inspiration for my first conspiracy thriller, The Fiduciary Delusion, came from colorful stories related to me by a friend of mine. A person known to my storyteller had become mentally ill and delusional while away on holiday in Japan. Like my protagonist, Kyle Pickens, this person was also overseas teaching. His delusional episodes were believable enough, and with language and cultural barriers, he had landed himself into some serious trouble. I then painted these stories with my own brush, using India as the backdrop, and had my protagonist get caught up in a real worldwide conspiracy engineered to take down the global financial system. The protagonist’s uncle happens to be a VP of the Federal Reserve Bank, but is he also involved? Who are these strange people following him? And is the information he’s uncovered in India really what it seems to be? Will anyone believe him? Is it too late?

    Fiduciary is the trust given to a faceless global banking system that tells us that a colorful piece of paper with some numerals on it has a certain value. Our entire global monetary system is therefore based ultimately on the many trusting the few, no matter how thinly veiled that “trust” may be.

    Much of the research into the settings come from direct experience, except for the India sections. Most of that source material comes from tireless online research and knowledge gained through memorable, impressionable stories given to me by a roommate while at UC Davis in the 1980s. My background and interest in Economics, finance, medicine (both holistic and Western) also helped to erect the scaffolding of the novel.

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  13. this sounds like it would draw me in, and i wouldn't be able to put it down until i was done. i love the plot, and the cover grabs my attention

  14. This sounds like a really interesting book, I'm looking forward to having the chance to read it.

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    Here is correct one. Thanks!

  16. Great excerpt!! Very excited to see this.

  17. Captivating cover!! :) Can't wait to read.

  18. Wow! This sounds so intriguing. Can't wait to read it!

  19. It's a great story premise because of the real fear in life. Should be a real page turner!

  20. Sounds like a book I would enjoy!

  21. where did you find inspiration for your writing?