Friday 11 March 2016

Blog Tour Promo - Fifty Percent Vampire by D.K. Janotta

Fifty Percent Vampire
Author: D.K. Janotta
Release Date: September 5th, 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

Living at home is driving seventeen-year-old Astrid Sonnschein nuts. She's desperate to leave her parents behind, and why not, with stepfather George a foul-tempered old vampire, and Mom - well, the less we say about Mom the better.

And our heroine has another compelling reason for getting out of Dodge. If she stays home much longer she's in grave danger of being transformed forever, and the last thing she wants is to become the newest Nosferatu.

So it's off to Rosenberg High and relative safety. Except it's far from safe when her relatives are holier than holy Aunt Jean, beer-swilling couch potato Uncle James and devious, cat-loving cousin Emma. And that's just evenings and weekends. Astrid Sonnschein's schooldays teem with teeth-sinkable challenges, the man of her dreams refuses to play by the rules, and the plethora of pitchfork-bearing peasants are beginning to mutter.

Peasants-schmeasants! It's when the full moon rises that Astrid's real troubles begin ...

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In your novel ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’ there are frequent references to the books your heroine Astrid Sonnschein is reading (when she isn’t obsessing about Mike Hanson). I guess there is some significance in this?

You’re right, the books Astrid is reading are of great significance. Most, if not all, are books from her stepfather George’s extensive library, books he has collected over the centuries. George is hooked on accumulating human knowledge, and he has influenced his stepdaughter in a similar way, to appreciate the very best of human thought. I wouldn’t say he is exactly brainwashing her; I guess this is normal. What parent doesn’t want to have some control over their offspring’s thought processes? Even after Astrid leaves Vampville and starts attending high school, she still continues to study the books George sends her via her mother, such is their importance to her.

At the same time, Astrid is also getting valuable exposure to her Aunt Jean’s worldview, mostly the various world religions, maybe a more emotional education than the masterpieces of science and philosophy provided by George.

In his own way George is helping Astrid to decide which future she wants.

Yes, I get the impression that Astrid has been rather sheltered in her upbringing.

This is true. Astrid spent her first seventeen years at home, with no contact to the outside world. It’s not surprising she now wants to spread her wings and explore. There’s also the matter of choosing immortality or a normal human life however, with temptations on both sides of the argument.

The ending of ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’ is quite a surprise and I get the impression you made it like that for a reason. Will there be a sequel to ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’?

Yes, of course. I’ve already outlined the second book (codename Astrid 2) in the series and am currently well into the first draft. With luck Astrid 2 will be published in time for Halloween 2016. Check on for progress and announcements.

About the Author
D.K. Janotta was born and raised in England and Wales but now calls a chalet on a mountainside overlooking beautiful Lake Geneva in Switzerland home. He has worked in Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, France, South Korea, and several states of the USA. He subverts the vampire genre to ask questions about and reflect on the meaning of human life.

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