Saturday 20 February 2016

Meet Moozvine: A New Publishing Platform for Short Stories and Books

What does Moozvine believe?

  • Authors should be paid fairly for the work they produce.
  • Readers should share what they love with the people they love.

It’s not often something completely new comes along to shake up an established industry. is doing just that with their innovative model for funding and releasing ebooks under a Creative Commons licence.

What that means for you is that you can go there and download any book that has been released completely for free. You can read the books, download them and even share them with your friends and it’s all completely legal.

Why would the authors let you do that? The way it works is that when a book is first put up there, it has a two week window during which the public can pledge money to enable the release. If the book’s release threshold is met the money is paid to the author and then anyone can get the book! After a book is released, the public can continue to support the authors they love by paying any amount they want whenever they want.

Right now they are focussed on Sci Fi and have some amazing short stories and novellas from some of the big names in Sci Fi at the moment, including many Hugo and Nebula award winners.

Go over there and read some of their stuff. And while you are there, why not support their currently funding story with a few dollars!

Some of the books showcasing on Moozvine
(click the covers to go the book page)

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