Thursday 31 December 2015

Book Of The Month - Void Walker

And the December Book Of The Month Award goes to:

Void Walker
Author: Bernice Tan
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description (from Wattpad):
A kingdom of dreams, a kingdom of kings.
    A past wherein the mages sing. . .
    Rei, an exiled mage with a dark, tragic past of her own, desires to eradicate the royal family to incite a new age for the better existence of her people. An opportunity presents itself when Carlos Etheldon, eldest son of the late king Aegnor, ascends to the throne under curious circumstances and makes a shocking upheaval to a decree which has for decades, defined its society.
    The outcome of the events that are set in motion, however, will not be so easily influenced by man.

Click here to read the book.

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