Monday 14 July 2014

Book Of The Week: Stained Glass Souls by Ashlyn M.

Stained Glass Souls
Genre: Teen Romance / Mystery

Book Summary:
Ariel Fontansia has categorized her life into calories, pounds, and inches; a measure of her worth and an estimate of her disillusionment. Redemption, Maine, has nothing to offer but memories of a suicidal cousin and a mysterious black-eyed boy named Price Olsen.

When a public scandal shatters Price's peaceful life, his anger at the shocking betrayal leads to violence. Ariel is the distraction who quickly becomes the center of his younger sister’s universe. Their lives become intertwined -- but is she willing to sacrifice her disorder for his secrets?

Charliegh McGowan, his victim, is left scarred and grieving. She then trusts the wrong person – someone who is willing to die for reconciliation. She begins to alienate everyone around her, and her sanity is placed in jeopardy.

As their lives begin to cross, they discover that Redemption is harboring secrets with dangerous consequences. If exposed, each will have to face their past.

But how far are they willing to go for redemption?

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