Monday 4 November 2013

BOTW - Still Into You

Still Into You


Wattpad Book Blurb:

Allison Coleman has a not so perfect life. Things were starting to turn for the better for her. She got an opportunity to work as one of the lead designer on the next month's issue of Face Magazine, and her year old relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel, is taking on the next step. But, it didn't work out the way she intended it to be. When she crossed path with her high school sweetheart that she didn't see for almost eight years, her life took an unexpected turn of events. 

Now boyfriend less and a job that can go down the drain, Allison is trying to take back her life by moving out of her apartment and taking charge with her work again. But, how can she concentrate on that when a certain someone lives across the door from her new apartment?

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