Monday, 5 January 2015

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway - Watch Me Burn by Sharon Bayliss

Watch Me Burn
The December People
Book Two
Sharon Bayliss
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Publication: 1/5/15
Number of pages: 250
Word Count: 75,000
Cover Artist: Michelle Johnson

Book Description:
David Vandergraff lost his home, his job, and contact with his oldest son, but remains determined to be a good husband and father despite being a dark winter wizard.

His resolve is tested when a flyer for a missing girl--who happens to be a summer witch--begins to haunt him. David believes a spell needs to use him to save her, so he follows the magic's command and looks into her disappearance. His teenage daughter Emmy resents him for caring so much about a random stranger. But when she uncovers some disturbing evidence close to home, she begins an investigation of her own.

David and Emmy quickly learn that the mystery is not only about a missing girl they barely know, but a deeply personal story that impacts everyone they care about. As their world crumbles, they fear the warning may be true—never mess with summer wizards, because the good guys always win.

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Release Day Promo & Giveaway - The Devil's Tombstone by Carolyn J. Rose


Today we are celebrating the release of The Devil's Tombstone by Carolyn J. Rose, A Catskills Mountains Mystery. This is the third book in this mystery series and just released December 21st.

The Devil's Tombstone
The Devil's Tombstone
by Carolyn J. Rose

Book Description:
The Catskill Mountains are rich in folklore, legends, and tales of the supernatural. Once guided by ghosts, Dan Stone doesn’t disbelieve what can’t be explained. And there’s no logical reason for the patch of blighted ground beside a boulder near Hemlock Lake . Known as the Devil’s Tombstone , the rock marks the spot where, two centuries earlier, a man murdered his young wife and then disappeared.

As a part-time investigator assigned to cold cases, Dan is troubled by more recent deaths and disappearances. Reviewing files dating back two decades, he sets out to discover new leads. But it’s slow going. A massive snowstorm socks the mountains. Dan’s infant son disrupts his sleep. And dynamic preacher Wesley Falton pitches his revival tent, challenging Hemlock Lake traditions and the spiritual leadership of Reverend James Balforth. As Dan digs deeper into the past, he suspects his cold cases are linked to a fresh murder. When hard evidence eludes him, he appeals for help from beyond the grave. As he does, he wonders whether ghosts make their presence felt because we believe in them, or because they believe in us.

The answer may lie at the Devil’s Tombstone.

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Cover Reveal - Garden by Jane Yates

Welcome to the cover reveal for Garden by Jane Yates! Garden is a middle grade steampunk that releases in February 2015 by Autumn Orchard.

Blog Tour Promo & Giveaway - A Gift Freely Given by J. Ellen Ross

A Gift Freely Given
by J. Ellen Ross

Book Description:
Leisha’s father, the king of Tahaerin, bartered away her childhood with his failed invasion of a neighboring kingdom. She grew up a hostage, a guarantee of the king’s good behavior. At sixteen, she returns to a land and a throne she knows almost nothing about.

Her powerful and ruthless uncle plans to force her into a marriage or take her crown by violence. The nobles of her kingdom all expect her to fail spectacularly and are eager to fight over the scraps. But, Leisha has no intention of going along quietly with any of their plans.

As a boy, Zaraki watched as slavers butchered his family. Orphaned and starving, he was taken from the streets, trained to spy and kill. He finds a position with the new queen when he is forced to flee the only home he remembers. But the job is far larger than he anticipated and Leisha’s life is threatened from all sides.

Leisha will fight to hold her crown and her throne with the help of an unknown and unproven spy. Zaraki will try keep her alive and to keep the oaths he took - to be loyal to her, to keep her secrets and never, ever fall in love with her.

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Books and Movies of 2015

So I'm as excited about the new year as anyone. A new year means new possibilities.
It also means new books and movies.

Being as indecisive as I am, I thought it would be a great challenge
to accumulate a top ten list.

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Books
Of 2015 Are:


1. Fallout by Gwenda Bond
2. Even When You Lie To Me by Jessica Alcott
3. All The Rage by Courtney Summers
4. The Prey by Tom Isbell
5. In A World Just Right by Jen Brooks
6. The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds
7. Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan
8. Charisma by Jeanne Ryan
9. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
10. The Cage by Megan Sheppard

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies
Of 2015 Are:

1. Jurassic World
2. Furious 7
3. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
4. Pan
5. The Fantastic Four
6. Cake
7. Ant-Man
8. In the Heart of the Sea
9. American Sniper
10. San Andreas

Book Of The Week {Wattpad}

And the Book Of The Week Nominations are:

Click on the book covers to sample the works.

Creating Monsters (YA Fantasy)

We Are Shining (Middle-Grade Fantasy / Contemporary)

Long Live the Queen (YA Crime)

Monster of Blue (YA Paranormal)

Things I Never Told My Mom (YA Spiritual)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway - Rough Around the Edges Meets Refined by Rachael Anderson

Rough Around the Edges

Rough Around the Edges
Around the Edges Meets Refined
(Meet Your Match #2)
by Rachael Anderson

Book Description:
For Noah Mackie, life is finally back on track. He has a great support system, a promised promotion is on its way, and he's finally getting the hang of this single father thing. But when the job falls through and his neighbor's matchmaking efforts become more aggressive, Noah is in for yet another unwanted detour. With his career and two spirited daughters to worry about, he doesn't have time for dating—especially not someone like Cassie Ellis, his girls' beautiful and sophisticated dance instructor, who is about as open and approachable as a brick wall.

Rough around the Edges Meets Refined is about two people who think they know exactly what they want but who have no idea what they really need. It's about learning that people aren't always what they seem and that sometimes life’s detours take you exactly where you need to go.

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Book Blast & Giveaway - A Taste of Merlot by Heather Heyford

A Taste of Merlot
by Heather Heyford

Book Description:
Raise your glass and join Heather Heyford as she pours a second serving in her series following these headstrong wine heiresses in their quest to strike out on their own...

Merlot St. Pierre is struggling to break free from her family name. Her college classmates whisper behind her back that her passion for jewelry design is little more than a hobby, since she’ll always have her father’s fortune. But Meri is determined to prove them wrong, and with the help of a handsome jewelry buyer, she just may taste her first sip of success—as long as she can hide who she really is…

Mark Newman’s family owns a chain of high-end jewelry stores, and he’s working hard to get out from under his aunt’s thumb and prove he has a good eye and a head for business. He’s certain Meri’s designs could be the next big thing, but he’ll have to convince her that she can use her famous last name to her advantage. As their business partnership takes root, an attraction begins to flourish—but they’ll both find that love, like wine, takes time to perfect…

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Bookvie: Trash - out January 30, 2015 (UK)

Who's in it:
Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen, Wagner Moura

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway - Demon Fare by Cory Dale

Demon Fare
The Spawnstertown Chronicles
Book One
Cory Dale
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Karen Duvall
Date of Publication: 12/20/2014
Number of pages: 324
Word Count: 86,000
Cover Artist: Karen Duvall

Book Description:
In an alternate history New York City—one hundred and fifty years after an earthquake from hell nearly destroyed the planet—the twenty-first century clings to an industrial age. Steam engines rule, and demon-powered technology is the up and coming thing. Henry Paine, a half-demon taxi driver, is the go-to guy for just the right demon to possess your machine and automate any mechanical gizmo with or without an engine. The creatures are tame as pets. Or at least they have been… until now.

Wanda Snow is an exorcist who grudgingly admits to having a few drops of demon blood herself. She's come to New York to rid the city of demonic vermin as well as any other demons that get in her way. Wanda and Henry are naturally at odds, but the two are forced to become partners in a mutual goal to round up the rogue demons biting the Big Apple and take down the sinister tyrant who started it all.

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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - Tale of Treasures by H.F. Parkhurst

Tales of Treasure
By HF Parkhurst

Book Description:
A four hundred year quest for a mysterious lost treasure; bloodthirsty Pirates; plundering Conquistadors; noble Indians; and a sinister and secret religious Order are the tantalizing ingredients stirred together in the turbulent, steamy, and exotic Spanish Main, of yesterday and today.

To the rhythmic background of classic R&B soul music, Harry Carlton and his new love Helen are unexpectedly thrust into a violent encounter with ruthless and malevolent forces and a rogue’s gallery of dastardly villains. These two, near their fifties, are not kindly white-haired grandparents ready to sit sedately in rocking chairs. Instead, they confront danger with bravery, and battle dishonesty and injustice with valor. They discover a priceless, lost artifact treasure of the ancient Indians of South and Central America. In the struggle to return the treasure to its rightful owners, they must outwit the assortment of murderous villains, and stay alive.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway - A Grave Inheritance by Kari Edgren

A Grave Inheritance
by Kari Edgren

Book Description:
Selah Kilbrid may descend from the goddess Brigid, but her heart beats—and breaks—the same as any human. Yet enduring the scorn of London's most noble lords and ladies is a small price to pay for a chance at true happiness. Selah would endure much more for love, and her betrothed, Lord Henry Fitzalan, is prepared to challenge anyone foolish enough to stand in their way—even another goddess born.

But when a captivating young gentleman draws Selah into a world shadowed by secrets, she is forced to confront her darkest fears. What if some differences are too great to overcome and a future with Henry is doomed from the start?

With these doubts threatening her impending marriage, a violent attack on an innocent child pushes Selah to the very edge of her power. She must find a way to cross into the Otherworld and regain her strength—or forfeit the streets of London to death and disease.

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