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Book Blitz & Giveaway - To Catch a Creeper by Ellie Campbell

To Catch A Creeper
Author: Ellie Campbell
Genre: Contemporary Chick Lit / Mystery
Publisher: Across the Pond Press
Pages: 400
Language: English
Format: eBook

Book Summary:
Cathy is riding high in her brand-new job at a (surprisingly bitchy) top London advertising agency working with best friend Rosa. But when Rosa’s pregnancy goes amiss and enemies sabotage her new career, she finds herself leading a chaotic double life of lies and deception, hiding a shameful secret from all, especially husband Declan who appears in the throes of a nervous breakdown.  Meanwhile she’s agreed to unmask the notorious Crouch End Creeper, a burglar terrorizing their neighbourhood. Little does she know that her meddling, assisted by fellow mothers (the Wednesday Once Weeklies) and the Neighbourhood Watch, will lead their dangerous opponent to murder.  And that it's not only the tall elegant transvestite who is placing herself at risk...

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To Catch A Creeper Excerpt

‘It must have been horrendously frightening, Cathy,’ Holly Willoughby’s sparkling white teeth are shining directly into my eyes causing me to spontaneously blink, ‘finding yourself stalked and then almost strangled to death.’

‘Oh yes,’ I nod and refill my water glass. ‘Terrifying.’

Although, I squirm as three huge cameras circle closer like a cackle of hyenas moving in for the kill, nowhere near as terrifying as being on live TV. All through the interview I keep getting these uncanny impulses to indulge in a touch of Tourette’s, spouting obscenities while intermittently flashing a nipple.

‘And then not only did you capture the culprit but you managed to turn the situation round and through it launched the most talked about advertising campaign this decade.’

‘Not just me...’ I grin bashfully as Camera One’s red light gives a little wink in my direction.

‘So as a woman who’s spent the last eight years as a mother and housewife,’ Holly continues brightly, ‘how are you finding it being back out in the workplace?’

How am I finding it? Fantastic. Sodding-bloody-fantastic, I want to reply but for some reason, ever since the camera did that little wink, my throat simply refuses to co-operate.

‘It’s a...a...’ I cough and reach for the water, ‘case of...’

‘And balancing this brand new exciting career with taking care of two primary-school age children?’ prompts her co-presenter nicely. ‘You must be very organised...’

‘Well, Joseph... I mean Jason... I mean...’

And that’s it. My mouth freezes while I rifle through my memory bank trying to recall his name. Jason or Joseph... But no, it can’t be either. Joseph was the biblical character that this guy portrayed at a West End theatre and Jason...he was the ex-Neighbours actor who also played Joseph as well as dating Kylie Minogue and picking David Guest’s nose on some reality show. So this guy, the one sitting in front of me, all mike-ed up, awaiting an answer while millions look on... God, who is he? Sweat pools under the armpits of my new Vivienne Westwood polka-dot dress with the waist-cinching corset as I scan and rescan his grey speckled hair and cute baby face. ‘The thing is...’

A reassuring hand rests on my arm. For the fifth time this morning, Rosa steps in to save me.

‘Oh she is, Phillip,’ she laughs lightly. ‘Super-organised, that’s our Cath. Packed lunches prepared night before. Uniforms folded neatly on chairs. Dishwasher and washing machine fully loaded. Plants watered. Fish fed. Wonderwoman has nothing on her.’

She slaps me on the back, just as I take another gulp of water. Instead of drowning the giant South American toad now living in my larynx, a fountain shoots out from my mouth and nose.

Holly smiles once more as she smoothly links back to the weather, before the cameras wheel away, allowing her to dab at her water-spotted jacket and mercifully ending the second most scary moment of my entire life.

About the author Ellie Campbell

Ellie Campbell is a pseudonym for sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell who collaborate across the mighty Atlantic from their respective homes in Surrey, England and Colorado, USA, finding writing together a great excuse for endless phone conversations.   Together they have written three previous novels How To Survive Your Sisters, When Good Friends Go Bad and Looking For La La.   They love any chance to connect with their readers.
Ellie Campbell is represented by the Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency ( For further information and to get in contact with them please visit their website:

Author Links:

Discounted Offer on Looking for La La
99cents/99pence from Monday 24th to 30th March

Looking for La La
In a recent survey 65% of mothers admitted feeling undervalued, over-criticised and constantly tired.

Cathy is no exception. Her dull, uneventful days as a stay at home, mother of two, are radically transformed however with the arrival of a heavily lipstickedpostcard addressed to husband, Declan. Who is the mysterious La La? Could Declan really be having an affair? And is Cathy actually being stalked?

Whatever – it will definitely prove riveting gossip for the Tuesday Twice Monthlies, Cathy’s 'Mothers Restaurant Research’ group where scandal flows as recklessly as the wine. But what starts as a light-hearted investigation with best friend Raz, soon turns into something much more sinister.

With a possible murderer on the scene, a sexy admirer igniting long-forgotten sparks, and all her friends hiding secrets, it’s not only Cathy’s marriage that’s in jeopardy. Add in the scheming antics of Declan’s new assistant, the stress of organising the school Save The Toilet’s dance and the stage is set for a dangerous showdown and some very unsettling, possibly deadly, revelations.

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How to Survive Yours Sisters will be free Wednesday 26th to 30th March - US only



Ellie Campbell is generously offering a giveaway of a paperback copy of To Catch a Creeper PLUS £5/$10 Amazon Gift Card.  This giveaway is open Internationally.

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Author Spotlight - My_Little_Secret_ {Wattpad}

Surviving NYC
Genre: Teen Mystery / Thriller

Wattpad Book Summary:
Elle Willow is back in NYC after a bizarre accident that burned her boarding school down. Now she’s back and she’s changed. The girl who once had glasses and braces has finally gone, leaving a gorgeous and classy woman in her path. She’s no longer afraid of anyone or anything. Accompanied with a heavy baggage of dangerous secrets which threaten to ruin her future, she must leave the town she grew fond of. Now she’s finally back home, she has to face all the people she once left behind. 

Did you think that was it? Think again...

Add in a complete MIA brother; famous rich parents; over protective siblings; two bickering grandmothers; nosy best friends; evil incarnations of Regina George; weird and elite friends ; a hot asshole and a dash of love. What do we have? A complete potion for a crazy and indescribable journey in life. 

Life is a whirlwind but does she have what it takes to survive against whatever the great city of New York has in store for her?

Author Links:


1. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Saloni. I hail from the beautiful country, India. I hate any sport activities. I have an uncanny ability
to fall in love with fictional characters. Also I am a bit of a klutz!
2. What types of books do you write?

Well, most of them are teen fiction but I also write chick-lit and mystery/thriller.
3. How many books have you written?

Till now, three. Crushed by the Crush, We Belong Together and Surviving NYC.
4. What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?

I cannot wait to see The Fault in our Stars. I absolutely loved the book! The books I am looking forward to read this year is Enjoying The Chase by Kirsty Mosely and The Blood of Olympus by Rick
5. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

I like reading books which are funny but have a right amount of drama. Romance is always welcomed. I also enjoy a good mystery.
6. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?

1. Some food maybe
2. One of those fire guns
3. A knife
7. Are you considering a sequel?

I haven't thought about it but there is a possibility.
8. What inspired you to become a writer?

I was always an avid reader so when I discovered Wattpad I thought I should write too. My sister was the one who always encouraged me, she's still by biggest supporter. Plus all the books I read motivate me to write better.


"Honey, you know this is for..." Mom began to speak but I cut her off "my best. I know." I completed dryly.
She was staring at me, eyes filled with sympathy. The look in her eyes somehow angered me but I remained silent; my words were pointless.
'This is for your best.' That’s all I had been hearing for the past six weeks. Every day the same words, it never changed. What I didn't understand, was what had I done wrong? I didn't drink or smoke. I've never done drugs or managed to intentionally harm anyone in any possible way. Yet I was still being sent away to some posh boarding school, which was famous for its academic record. Sometimes I wish I wasn't smart, perhaps then I wouldn't be forced to leave my home - the place I was born.
I partly knew that I was being sent away due to my parents’ recent separation. It seemed that one moment they were fine; then the next moment my father was moving out. I don't know how they could separate after having six children together. What caused the split, I don’t know but now they were sending me away. They wanted a break from me. My older brother, Ryder, was going to be a senior this year so he was allowed to stay here with my mother. The real problem was me; the one starting freshman year. My other older brothers weren't a problem, as they had completed high school and were now living in different parts of New York City.
I was strongly opposed to the idea of going to Connecticut, the state in which the school was located. Apparently, both of my parents had attended this particular school since they both used to live in Lower Mayfield - where it was situated. I used numerous ways to stop them from sending me away, those of which included: crying, screaming, threatening and even blackmailing. Nothing changed.
I even begged my brothers to help me, to talk my parents out of their abrasive decision, but my parents stayed firm with their decision. If my eldest brother, Oliver, was here I know he would have provided his help. However it was pointless thinking about Oliver, since I couldn't speak to him after he went completely AWOL two months ago. We had no idea where he had gone. I knew it was something related to my parents since they looked distressed, their eyes filled with guilt and worry, once he had left.
That was the day I lost hope, hope of staying in the place where I belonged. I began to prepare myself for my leave and in doing so, I shut my parents off. I ignored them. This time I was simply hurt rather than angry but the decision had been made. I had to go.
I was currently standing at Grand Central station beside my mother and my grandmothers, waiting for my father and brothers to arrive. It reassured me to know that my grandmothers were still residents of that shoe box sized town, at least I knew someone there. All of my luggage had already been sent off, leaving me with a small bag to carry.
My father and brothers arrived, accompanied with a number of bodyguards (yeah, my family is famous). My mother had already bid me her infamous sentimental goodbye.
"Ellie, bye sweetie.Take care of yourself." My father hugged me.
I stiffened; hurt flashed across his face but he didn't utter a word. I just mumbled a goodbye and moved on to my brothers. They all engulfed me with bear hugs, surrounding me in their warmth, whilst I hugged them back. In my heart I knew it wasn't their fault that I was being sent away.
‘Don't cry Ellie, don’t cry.’ I kept repeatedly reminding myself in my mind. ‘Don’t cry’
As my train arrived, a traitorous tear escaped my eye. I gave everyone a weak smile as my grandmothers and I climbed into our train. I sat towards the window, refusing to look at my family. My grandmothers were talking among themselves in hushed tones beside me. As the final alarm rang, the train began moving. I saw my family fading away as the train pulled me closer to a new home which awaited my arrival.

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Character Interview & Giveaway - The Consequences by Colette Freedman

The Consequences
Publisher: Kensington
Pages (if available in physical format):  321
Language: English
Format: Paperback & eBook

Book Summary:
The end of an affair may be only the beginning. . .

Over the course of one tumultuous Christmas Eve, Kathy Walker confirmed her suspicions about her husband's affair, confronted his mistress, Stephanie, and saved her marriage. She and Robert have eighteen years, two teenagers, and a film production business between them--plus a bond that Kathy has no intention of giving up on. Yet though Robert is contrite, Kathy can't quite silence her doubts.

While Robert reels from his wife's ultimatum and his mistress's rejection, Stephanie makes a discovery: she's pregnant. Her resolve to stay away from Robert wavers now that they could make a real family together. And in the days that follow, Stephanie, Robert, and Kathy must each reckon with the intricate realities of desire, the repercussions of betrayal, and the secrets that, once revealed, ripple through lives and relationships in thoroughly unexpected ways.

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About the author Colette Freedman

COLETTE FREEDMAN - An internationally produced playwright with over 25 produced plays, Colette was voted “One of 50 to Watch” by The Dramatist’s Guild.

Her play Sister Cities was the hit of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe and earned five star reviews:  It has been produced around the country and internationally, fourteen times including Paris (Une Ville, Une Soeur) and Rome (Le Quattro Sorelle). The film version has been optioned and is in pre production.

She  has co-written, with International bestselling novelist Jackie Collins, the play Jackie Collins Hollywood Lies, which is gearing up for a National Tour. In collaboration with The New York Times best selling author Michael Scott, she wrote the thriller The Thirteen Hallows  (Tor/Macmillan).

Her novel The Affair (Kensington) came out January 29, 2013. The play of the novel earned both critical and commercial success as it toured Italy February through May 2013.

Her novel The Consequences (Kensington) comes out January 28, 2014.

Author Links:

Character Interview

1. Tell us a little about yourself - your name, where you grew up?

I was born Stephanie Alice Springs Burroughs. (Guess where my parents went on Honeymoon!)  I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, so I am an official cheese head.  I’m one of eight children and I was born and raised a Catholic. I was a big athlete in high school – basically if there was running, jumping or hitting things with sticks involved, I was there.  My Mom always thought sports were a complete waste of time, but they did lead to me getting a full scholarship to an Ivy League school. 

2. Who was your high school crush?

Kenny Davenport. He was the editor of the newspaper and captain of the cross country team.  He was tall, blond and green eyed and everyone in school knew with absolute certainty that he would go on to be something very special.  He always talked of going into politics and running for Governor.  He now runs his own chain of hair and beauty salons, is completely bald and wears a mustache that droops past his chin.

3. What is the most romantic gesture you have ever done for someone?

For Valentines Day, I wrapped myself up as a present for Robert and told him to open me slowly.  Getting into all that paper by myself was a real trial, I can tell you, and I was so hot that the ink from the paper transferred to my skin so I had faded red hearts across my cheeks and forehead (and elsewhere) for days afterwards.  I got some strange looks.  

4. What's your ideal Valentine's Day date and/or gift?

I love personalized gifts: a poem or something handcrafted just for me, but, in truth, like most women, I want that most precious gift of all: time with the man I love.

5. If you could have just one wish to change something about yourself, what would it be?

I am an over achiever and sometimes I let that get in the way of having a personal life. No, not just sometimes: always. 

6. What is the simple most important thing needed for a relationship to last?

Honesty. I look at my parents’ relationship which is stronger now than ever and they’ve been married for four decades.  They fight, they argue, but there is no doubt that they love one another.  And they are scrupulously honest with one another.  I am convinced that is how the relationship has lasted the test of time.

7. What's the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

I’ve done lots of strange things: bungee jumped off a bridge in Germany, parachuted out of a balloon over the Serengeti, but I suppose the oddest and strangest thing I did was to fall hard in love with a married man. 

8. Who should play you in a film?

Rachel McAdams or Jessica Chastain.  I know they don’t really look like me.  But when I look in the mirror that’s who I see.  

9. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A drummer in a rock band. 

10. Say the first thing that comes to mind when I say these five words, and be honest:

1. Snow?   Wisconsin
2. Peppermint? Schnapps
3. Couple? Two
4. Pop? Soda
5. Tokyo? Japan


3 print copies of The Consequences up for grabs.

Ends April 14th (midnight GMT).

US only.

Contest is void where prohibited. Entrants must be 13 or else have parent or guardian’s permission to enter. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner’s name will be selected. Winning entries will be verified for authenticity.

Book Blitz - Twelve Steps by Veronica Bartles

Twelve Steps
by Veronica Bartles
Release Date: 03/25/14

Book Summary:
Sixteen-year-old Andi is tired of being a second-class sibling to perfect sister Laina. There in Laina's shadow, Andi's only noticeable feature is her pretty awesome hair. And even that is eclipsed by Laina's perfect everything else.

When Andi’s crush asks her to fix him up with Laina, Andi decides enough is enough and devises a twelve-step program to wrangle the spotlight away from Laina. After all, great hair must count for something.

Step 1: Admit she’s powerless to change her perfect sister, and accept that her life really, really sucks. OK, maybe that's two steps in one.

Step 4: Make a list of her good qualities besides great hair. There have got to be at least three good qualities, right?

Step 7: Demand attention for more than just her shortcomings, and break out of her shell. Easier said that done, but worth the effort in the long-run. 

When a stolen kiss from her crush ends in disaster, Andi finds that her prince isn’t as charming as she'd hoped, and realizes she may need a new program--perhaps with less steps!

As cracks in Laina’s flawless fa├žade begin to show, the sisters work together to find a spotlight big enough for both to shine.

About the author Veronica Bartles

As the second of eight children and the mother of four, Veronica Bartles is no stranger to the ups and downs of sibling relationships. (She was sandwiched between the gorgeous-and-insanely-popular older sister and the too-adorable-for-words younger sister.) She uses this insight to write stories about siblings who mostly love each other, even while they’re driving one another crazy.

When she isn’t writing or getting lost in the pages of her newest favorite book, Veronica enjoys knitting fabulous bags and jewelry out of recycled plastic bags and old VHS tapes, sky diving (though she hasn’t actually tried that yet), and inventing the world’s most delectable cookie recipes.

TWELVE STEPS is Veronica Bartles's first novel.

Author Links:
 photo iconwebsite-32x32_zps1f477f69.png   photo iconfacebook-32x32_zps64a79d4a.png


1 ebook of Twelve Steps & $10 Amazon gift card (INT)

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Blog Tour Promo Post & Giveaway - Eastland by Marian Cheatham

by Marian Cheatham
Release Date: 02/14/14

Book Summary:


For hardworking teen, Dee Pageau, the annual employee picnic will let her escape the drudgery of work and possibly find love with her best friend Mae’s older brother, Karel. But in 1915 Chicago, girls don’t go on picnics without their mother’s approval.

Unfortunately for Dee, Mama has had a premonition of disaster and forbids Dee from going. Forced to watch as Mae and Karel leave without her, Dee defies Mama and rushes off to join her friends.

But Dee’s joy soon turns to terror when the ship ferrying them to the picnic capsizes. Rescued not once but twice-by Karel and a mysterious sailor-Dee finds herself tested in unimaginable ways. What happens next turns out to be worse … and better … than anything Dee ever expected.

Buy Links:
Amazon ¦ B&N

Eastland Excerpt

As the warehouse clock ticked seven-thirty, the Eastland capsized into the Chicago River, her forward lines still tethered to the dock. 

Karel and I stood on the slimy, white-steel hull, which now lay tipped on its side, as horizontal as any street. I had braced for a tidal wave, an explosion of fury. But the beautiful steamer had rolled over in eerie silence, having made less of a splash than these wretched raindrops. The only sound I’d heard was the shrieking in my head.

Half the ship rested under water on the river bottom, half above the surface, making the steamer appear as if it had been dissected lengthwise like a long sliced baguette. A great many of us had made it through the railings onto the hull, but others had not been as lucky. Countless passengers dangled from the sideways-tipped railings, the deck now a vertical wall beside them. 

Beneath them, only the river.

The young redhead in the lacy, yellow frock hung suspended near our feet. 

“He-l-lp!” Her terrified eyes bored straight into my soul. 

Karel dropped to his knees and reached through the bars for her. But before he could grab hold, her fingers slipped. The redhead opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out as she plunged into the murky waters.

I screamed for her, for everyone who had lost their grip or been thrown overboard. But my cries seemed lost amid the ear-shattering howls of the countless drowning souls. The river foamed with people. I could barely see any water; their mass was so dense. Yet beside me, all movement had stopped. Like the paralyzed bystanders who’d watched the steamer capsize, the hundreds of survivors along the hull stood silently, wordlessly, watching the death struggle in the river.

About the author Marian Cheatham

Marian Cheatham lives in a suburb of Chicago with her family and their menagerie of pets. A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Marian taught Special Education for many years before becoming a full-time writer.

Author Links
Website ¦ Goodreads ¦ Facebook


5 ecopies of Eastland up for grabs.

International contest.

Contest is void where prohibited. Entrants must be 13 or else have parent or guardian’s permission to enter. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner’s name will be selected. Winning entries will be verified for authenticity.

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Boxed set: Seven Bestselling Novels of Love and Suspense only $.99 - March 24th through March 29th

Breathtaking: Seven Bestselling Novels of Love and Suspense
Boxed set is only $.99 - March 24th through March 29th.

Unbelievable by Sherry Gammon Deliah Dreser's in town to take care of family business. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but there's more to Lilah than meets the eye. Cole's in danger of losing his heart when this firestorm throws sparks his way. Is she simply playing him for the fool in order to exact revenge for her brother's murders? Bestselling author Sherry Gammon's reviewers exclaim; "She has a gift for touching her readers with beautiful, gripping stories that you can’t put down."

Home Before Dark by Christy Barritt Nothing good ever happens after dark. Those were the words country singer Daleigh McDermott’s father always repeated. Now her father is dead, and Daleigh finds a hidden journal hinting that his death was no accident. Small town mechanic Ryan Shields is the only one who seems to believe Daleigh. As the two work to unravel the mystery, it becomes obvious that someone wants them dead. They must rely on each other—and on God—if they hope to make it home before the darkness swallows them whole. Award-Winning Suspense Novelist and Bestselling Amazon Author, touted as "scary, funny, passionate, and quirky" by USA Today.

Baggage Claim by Amanda Tru Rachel Saunders is looking forward to her all-expense paid weekend trip to New York. But, when her luggage is lost and she is accosted by an infuriating Homeland Security agent, events take a dangerous turn. Amanda Tru, Bestselling Amazon Author of Romance and Suspense. Discover the author who, as an Amazon reviewer raves, “continues to impress me and dominate my time with a book I can’t put down even after it’s ended.”

                                       Cassie's Cowboy Crave by Kimberly Krey

In a moment of weakness, Shane steals a kiss. In return, Cassie steals his heart… When Cassie is forced to join the witness protection program, she fears her life is over… but then she meets Shane Emerson — the hunky cowboy posing as her husband. Will this sham marriage turn into the real thing, or will a hidden danger put it all at risk? Kimberly Krey writes romance that’s clean without losing the steam. What’s Beyond Forks calls this Best-selling Western Romance author “the master of romantic tension.” 

A Perfect Fit by Heather Tullis Cami DiCarlo is not happy when her father forces her into heading up guest services at his newest five-star hotel and unveils the existence of four half-sisters at the same time, insisting they live together while they launch the new resort. When she meets Vince, the sweet, sexy landscaper her father would never have approved of, Cami can’t say no. If only she could be sure she is on the right track—and that they will be able to stop the person who is trying to destroy everything. 

                                         You Belong with Me by Shannon Guymon 

Layla Kendall is a burned out social worker one step away from a major depression. When she and her sisters inherit their grandmother's bakery, she doesn't know if she can trust her good fortune or not. But the chance to be with her sisters and get away from the heartache and pain she's faced day in and day out is a chance she's going to take. With Layla's new life, come new friendships, including Michael Bender, a single dad. She doesn't trust men but Michael's little girl grabs her by the heart and won't let go. Shannon Guymon is an Amazon Bestselling Author of lighthearted and clean romance who according to her many fans, has the ability to paint pictures of her characters so real that readers would know them if they saw them walking down the street. 

Blog This by Cami Checketts

Devastated by the loss of her brother, Natasha Senecot exposes the dangers of Matthew Chrysler's violent video games, bankrupting and humiliating him. Chrysler sends a hit man after her. In a race against time, can Natasha expose Chrysler before his assassin murders her family and shatters her world? Bestselling author Cami Checketts has been touted as, "A genius! She writes about topics that aren't widely discussed, and she does such a brilliant job of crafting these things into wonderful stories that touch your heart and remain with you for days afterwards."


iFrogs Ozone Earbuds and winner's choice Dead Running or The Broken Paths audio books.

BOTW - WEEK 45 {Wattpad}

Genre: Fan-Fiction / Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Jane  was  never  considered  as normal.  She  was always different  than her peers.  When she  finds out the reason behind this she is forced violently into hell.

Years come and go and her only  companion is her one and only best friend Bell.  But the battle they are trying to win is a loosing one and it's first victim was soon revealed.

Jane faces new challenges everyday. A new comer enters her life suddenly and changes it for the better ... or  maybe not. Will Jane be able to survive the internal battle going on in her mind and soul or will her sanity be gone for ever? And most importantly will she ever be free?

Click here to read the book.

Author: Sherwin14M
Genre: Teen Mystery / Thriller / Horror

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Eighteen year-old student named Jemima Krista who’s always dreaming a bad dream when she arrives in her boarding house tired. When she decided to transfer another boarding house to run away from her fears, she invited her close board-mates to come with her and have their little “farewell” party (for the house they rented) to their province after they brought her things to her new boarding house in Amor Compound in Heartland.

Click here to read the book.

Surviving NYC
Genre: Teen Mystery / Thriller

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Elle Willow is back in NYC after a bizarre accident that burned her boarding school down. Now she’s back and she’s changed. The girl who once had glasses and braces has finally gone, leaving a gorgeous and classy woman in her path. She’s no longer afraid of anyone or anything. Accompanied with a heavy baggage of dangerous secrets which threaten to ruin her future, she must leave the town she grew fond of. Now she’s finally back home, she has to face all the people she once left behind. 

Did you think that was it? Think again...

Add in a complete MIA brother; famous rich parents; over protective siblings; two bickering grandmothers; nosy best friends; evil incarnations of Regina George; weird and elite friends ; a hot asshole and a dash of love. What do we have? A complete potion for a crazy and indescribable journey in life. 

Life is a whirlwind but does she have what it takes to survive against whatever the great city of New York has in store for her?

Click here to read the book.

Karla Bane and the Mayan Sword
Author: DeepsterPower
Genre: Teen Fiction / Adventure

Wattpad Book Blurb:
The Five Kingdoms are at War. The Queen has murdered the King in America and plans to take Europe as her own. Only one girl can stop her. She has the power to reclaim the throne and beat the Queen. But there is a dark danger hanging in the balance. The ruins and evil of Australia are rising from the ground and the Queen plans to use them to take over Europe. If she does then nothing will stand in her way. And soon she'll be Queen of the world...

Click here to read the book.

A Tale Of An Indian Wattpad Writer
Author: Indianwriter
Genre: Teen Romance

Wattpad Book Blurb:
Aesha Dixit, a girl belonging to the land of spices, culture, tradition and diversities has big dreams. She is a cheerful girl having modern views but still conserving her old traditions. She has goals in her life but who does not ? But what happens when an Indian girl meets with an international website called Wattpad? What effect would it leave on her life? How would her conservative extended family react? 

Click here to read the book.