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Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway - The Truth About Happily Ever After by Karole Cozzo

The Truth About Happily Ever After
Author: Karole Cozzo
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: May 16th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Book Description:
Chin up, Princess, or the crown will slip.

A theme park princess must put her life back together after her happily ever after falls apart in The Truth About Happily Ever After, a contemporary YA romance from Karole Cozzo, author of How to Keep Rolling After a Fall and How to Say I Love You Out Loud.

Everything was supposed to be perfect. Alyssa has a job she loves, working as Cinderella at her favorite theme park; a fantastic group of friends; and a boyfriend who will no longer be long distance. But as the summer progresses, her prince becomes less charming and more distant, and Alyssa’s perfect summer falls apart.

Forced to acknowledge that life is not always a fairy tale, Alyssa starts working to pull her herself back together. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to do it alone. With her friend Miller’s support, she’s determined to prove that she’s more than just a pretty princess. And with his help, maybe she’s finally ready for something better than dreams. Maybe she’s ready for something real.

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Kelly raises her fork to make a point, but it’s inappropriately close to my face. “I’m just as good an actress as any of you. And I know I’m just as pretty. But because I’m a couple inches too tall, I get stuck being a giant rodent and have the pleasure of training a new batch of you girls every few months. Sorry if I’m over it.”
    “But you don’t even know me,” Harper protests weakly.
    “What the hell’s the point? Conversation over.” With a loud metallic scraping sound, she pointedly turns her chair, it’s back slamming into Harper’s arm, and positions herself so she’s only looking at Yael.
    I’m sort of stunned. I mean, I’ve heard muttered comments about some silly face character-fur divide, this ridiculous idea that we receive better treatment because we’re face characters. But . . . really? Is this real life?
    I stare at Kelly’s ponytail, feeling my nails curling into my palms, the sound of my heartbeat becoming more apparent in my ears. There aren’t too many things that make me angry. But I truly hate the practice of kicking someone when she’s down. Especially when we’re supposed to be on the same team.
    So I shove my chair back, march around the end of the table with my skirt dragging, sticky floor be damned, and make my way back down the aisle until I’m standing directly behind Kelly. Then I gently tap her on the shoulder.
    With a pronounced irritated sigh, she looks up over her shoulder. “God. What?”
    I smile sweetly. “I’m sorry, but . . . conversation not over. There’s just really no reason to talk to her like that, okay? Today is hard for all of us. It’s awful out here. Do you really think you’re helping the rest of the day go smoothly by beating her down? That’s not really how we do things around here, at least I hope it’s not.”
    I glance down at Harper, who sneaks me a tiny, grateful smile.
    I realize the room has gone quiet around us, most cast members turning and watching the scene unfold.
    Kelly stares at me flatly. “Suzie Sunshine. Not really in the mood for the lecture.”
    “Well,” I continue, folding my hands before me, “I’m sure Harper’s not in the mood to be insulted and dismissed. We all work hard around here, okay? Have a little respect is all I’m saying.”
    A few other cast members murmur their agreement, and a cafeteria worker even calls out, waving a spatula in the air. “Preach, Princess!”
    “You know what?” Kelly’s on her feet before I know it, turning around, her face only inches from mine. Oh my. She is tall. Tall and strong looking, like an Olympic volleyball player. She grits her teeth. “I said I wasn’t in the mood for this shit.” She has the nerve to flick one of my ruffles draped around my shoulder. “Princess.”
    My mouth falls open in disbelief. “Did you honestly just flick me?”
    “Yeah.” Kelly’s chin juts out. “I did.”
    She’s glaring at me, paws on her hips, the crowd is watching in silent anticipation of what’s going to happen next, and I . . . well . . . I have no idea how the heck to retreat. I’m pretty sure Kelly’s two seconds away from suggesting we step outside and settle the score once and for all, and I have no desire to roll in the dirt in my pristine white gown. Yet I can’t look away first, because I just can’t concede this one to her. So I’m stuck there, aware of nothing but the second hand on the loud clock overhead ticking by at a snail speed. Crap.

About the Author
Karole lives outside of Philadelphia, PA with her loving husband, exuberant little girl, and smiley little boy. She adores YA Romance, because it would be awesome if life in general had a requisite feel-good happy ending rule. Vices include obscene Haribo gummy consumption, addiction to Starbucks NF vanilla lattes, and tendency to hoard Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles.

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  1. The book description and excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Love the cover too.

  2. Sounds like a great book. I love the cover! Thank you

  3. She thought that Cinderella gig would be all shoes and tiaras, I suppose.