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CBY is here to help spread the word about your book / website.

All genres accepted. I reserve the right to refuse a book for any reason.


Monthly Group Giveaway

$10 per Rafflecopter Spot (Maximum of 3 spots per sponsor per event).

For those with a tight budget, CBY hosts a group giveaway on the last day of each month, sponsored by authors and bloggers to help grow their social media following and gain exposure for their book(s) / website.

A minimum of 5 spots per group giveaway must be filled for an event to commence. Sponsors will only be contacted if 5 or more spots have been booked.

All events will consist of an Amazon Gift Card / Paypal Cash.

Full payment is required at least five days before the start of an event. Payment should only be made after you receive your confirmation email.

All payments must be made through Paypal.

To get started, please fill out the form below.

Terms and Conditions
- All payments made through PayPal.